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Free Family Fun: Asheville Earth Day

HulasCome one come all; have some healthy, family fun at Martin Luther King Park today, Saturday April 18th Join us for the Second Annual AED: Asheville

Asheville City Chickens = Healthy Fresh Local Eggs

Chicken Coops in the city? But of course, where else would we be able to find delicious fresh local eggs in such abundance. On first thought you may not envision Urban Chickens, however in Asheville it

The Haw Creek Black Bear Returns!

bear that was in my yard a few weeks ago returned again yesterday and visited with us for a few hours around lunch time; peacefully munching old apples that are buried under our leaf pile. We were able to snap a few more photos, ~Enjoy: Haw Creek Black Bear - Asheville NC Haw Creek Black Bear - Asheville NC Haw Creek Black Bear - Asheville NC
We watched in total amazement as she enjoyed her lunch. These creatures are truly incredible; we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area rich with native wildlife. These photos were taken in Haw Creek, East Asheville near the Blue Ridge Parkway. It seems I am not the only one with a Black Bear story. When Governor Bev Purdue visited Asheville, not too long ago, she had a run in with a bear outside the Western Residence. Security footage shows a Black Bear family exploring the property, even walking along her back porch on that very same weekend:
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