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AshevilleLive's Faves: Best Downtown Eatery

Green Man Porter and Harmony Bowl at Laughing ...
Image by Complicated via Flickr
The votes are in and Asheville has spoken! Your favorite downtown restaurant is Laughing Seed Cafe. This poll was very interesting, because Laughing Seed started out running away with the vote, but it looked at the end like it might be overtaken by Mela Indian Restaurant. The vote broke down like this: Laughing Seed Cafe: 30% An exclusively vegetarian and vegan restaurant located on Wall Street, the Laughing Seed has been serving up delectable healthy food here in Asheville for as long as I can remember. Most of their menu items come in vegan options, and many even come gluten-free. I have eaten there many times, and their Low Country Rollups are a staple of my diet. I'm no vegetarian, but I can tell you that you don't have to be to enjoy what Laughing Seed has to offer. In fact, unless you're paying attention, you probably won't even notice that there's no meat on your plate! Not the least expensive restaurant on our list, but certainly among the most delicious, in my own humble opinion. Mela Indian Restaurant: 26% Mela's is one of the places on our list that I have never been to, but judging from the response to the poll, I will be checking it out soon. Since I've never been there personally, I can't really review it, so I'll just leave this snippet from the New York Times (yes, that New York Times): "This sumptuous ethnic hideaway blends imported spices with local ingredients. The dark, wood-paneled space of the Indian restaurant draws a mixed crowd with dishes like Chowpatty ragada, potato patties topped with curried chickpeas, tamarind yogurt and mint chutney, and shrimp bhuna, cooked with ginger, tomatoes and green chilies. Wash it down with a Chimay beer, brewed by Belgian Trappist monks, or a glass of Champalou Vouvray. After 10, dining tables are cleared to make way for a salsa club." Doc Chey's Noodle House: 20% Doc Chey's serves an outstanding mix of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Indian dishes. If you like it spicy, you'll love Doc Chey's, although they have plenty for the more delicate palate as well. Doc Chey's has been a local favorite since they opened their Asheville location several years ago. They use primarily locally grown ingredients, and the things they do with them will make your mouth water. Many of their dishes are vegetarian or can be prepared that way on request. From their site: "Our approach to food is simple

St. Patty's Day Feast!

St Patricks Day Parade 2010, Albany NY
Image by Benny BNut via Flickr
Feeling a little green? Don't worry, you're not sick, it's just everyone's favorite Irish holiday, St. Patrick's day! If you're looking for a way to celebrate the holiday, look no further than Mother and Son Bistro and Bakery. What's that? Corned Beef and Potatoes for lunch? Hang on while I wipe up this drool. Dinner buffet, you say? Let me loosen my belt a little and I just might see you there!
Once again, it is time for our annual St. Patty's Day Feast at Mother & Son Bistro. This year we will be celebrating for lunch and dinner. Our lunch special will be a heaping plate of Corned Beef with Potatoes and Cabbage for only $8.95. We make our Corned Beef in house and it will be sliced per order. Our dinner will be another buffet feast just like last year!! More fresh Corned Beef Seasoned boiled cabbage Potatoes Sheppards Pie Guinness Stew Cabbage Rolls Fresh baked Irish Soda Bread and complimentary Black Mocha Stout from our local Highland Brewery Dinner is $12.95 a person We hope you can come and enjoy this wonderful feast with us. For info or reservations, call the Bistro at 828-505-3510

Asheville Dining Out For Life

Table settingDining Out for Life in Asheville NC is a fabulous fundraiser. Take a moment to plan your meals out and you

Asheville City Chickens = Healthy Fresh Local Eggs

Fresh Local Eggs - Asheville City ChickensChicken Coops in the city? But of course, where else would we be able to find delicious fresh local eggs in such abundance. On first thought you may not envision Urban Chickens, however in Asheville it

Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers' Festival

Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers' Festival A dozen local artisan bakeries celebrate bread! Come on out to GreenLife for the bread sale and workshops on baking. You will be able to taste bread from 13 local, artisan bakeries. Meet your local bakers and taste a variety of cheeses from two local dairies. And the best part, if you buy a loaf of bread you

Buy Organic in Asheville!

Organic Shopping is EASY in Asheville with all our choices. Of course Earth Fare is stocked with organic produce, specialty cheeses, free range meats along with all your herbal supplements, dried and bulk herbs, and homeopathics. Both stores have a huge selection as well as delicious deli food ready to take or dine in. And now with the South Asheville store in Hendersonville Rd. there is another location along with the one in Westgate shopping center in West Asheville. If you are in the north side, GreenLife has everything you need whether it

Support Your Community & Enjoy a Sweet Treat

Ice Cream - Asheville NCToday, the Hop Ice Cream Caf