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North View

North View: Live Web Cam of North Asheville The north view of downtown holds the Asheville Civic Center, the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, the Asheville Symphony Orchestra and much more. Discover history at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial or catch a show at Asheville Community Theatre.
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The Asheville Civic Center is a 7,654-seat multi-purpose regional destination for outstanding entertainment, trade shows and events. The Civic Center offers Western North Carolina diverse entertainment from rock concerts and sporting events to family shows and performing arts. The facility is the heart of downtown Asheville's arts and entertainment scene. View upcoming events at the Asheville Civic Center. Housed deep in the mountains of North Carolina you will find the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. As part of the Asheville Civic Center, the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium provides Asheville and the surrounding western North Carolina area a convenient and elegant venue for great local and national concerts and shows. Featuring everything from Broadway shows to Asheville Symphony Orchestra concerts, A visit to Thomas Wolfe Auditorium is the perfect gift to help you and your loved ones enjoy a trip to the mountains. The Asheville Symphony Orchestra performs and promotes symphonic music for the benefit, enjoyment and education of the people of Western North Carolina. View upcoming Asheville Symphony Concerts.
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There is much to do in North Asheville because this area geared towards recreation, arts and family-friendly lifestyles. Families may stroll around beautiful Bird Sanctuary of Beaver Lake, catch a Little League game, or grab a movie and a slice of pizza. North Asheville has it all! With UNC-Asheville in the neighborhood, there is always something to do and see. You will find a variety of North Asheville restaraunts, wonderful residential neighborhoods, and lush green parks. Definitely visit the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary, which is half uplands, half wetlands and located lakeside. In an urban setting, on a busy street, it provides good resting, feeding and nesting spots for resident and migratory birds. Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society, a chapter of National Audubon, owns half the 10-acre sanctuary and manages the rest under an agreement with the Lake View Park homeowners' association, owner of Beaver Lake. The sanctuary features a wonderful 3/8-mile boardwalk loop with two lake overlooks and several benches, and an eco-filter pond designed to clean up storm run-off before it enters the lake and the French Broad River system. Witness a variety of wildlife; Brown-headed Nuthatch (unusual in the mountains) is often found at the sanctuary or nearby. Warbling Vireo and both orioles have regularly nested by the lake; if you don't find them in the sanctuary, walk the lake's edge toward the dam. Eastern Kingbirds sometimes put on great displays over the lake and adjoining field. In summer, swallows and Chimney Swifts often swoop low over the lake in early morning and evening. Yellow Warbler is common in breeding season. The mature white pines along Merrimon attract Yellow-throated Warbler. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher arrive for the breeding season in late March, and have been seen nesting over the boardwalk. Red-shouldered Hawks have nested in the neighborhood, and Cooper's Hawks have nested not far away. Swamp Sparrow is always a possibility in wet spots during winter and Savannah Sparrow can usually be observed in the weedy field along Merrimon Avenue in late winter. North View: St. Lawrence Basilica - Asheville NC Downtown you can see the Renaissance Hotel, the Spanish Renaissance style St. Lawrence Basilica (Catholic) with its Guastavino-built self-supporting dome, and the YMCA. Off of Charlotte Street you will travel through charming older neighborhoods and find our world-famous 5-star Grove Park Inn and Resort and which has now opened its world-class spa on the property and boasts a spectacular view off its porch to the west. The Grove Park Inn Spa is ranked #13 Worldwide by Travel & Leisure "World's Best Hotel Spas" 2008. North View: Grove Park Inn - Asheville NC North Asheville also includes the neighborhoods of Albemarle Park, Beaverdam, Beaver Lake, Chestnut Hills, Grove Park, Kimberly, Montford, Norwood Park, and Reynolds Mountain. The Montford Area Historic District, Chestnut Hill Historic District, and Grove Park Historic District are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Montford and Albemarle Park have been named local historic districts by the Asheville City Council. For a wonderful Bed and Breakfast experience try the Albemarle Inn, part of Albemarle Park, the landmark historic neighborhood of turn-of-the-century Arts & Crafts era "cottages." There are also many vacation rentals and private mountain cabins for rent near the North Asheville area. If you travel farther north you will find natural Hot Springs and White Water Rafting Opportunities. West Asheville should be the next area of Asheville you explore. Enjoy!