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Bele Chere 2011 Day 2 Photo Gallery (Lots of Photos)

Bele Chere 2011 Is Officially Underway!

UPDATED Bele Chere 2011 Preparations are Underway

Bele Chere 2011 Setup for Bele Chere 2011 is officially in full swing as the downtown area prepares for the biggest festival of the year.  Here at AshevilleLiveCam, we'll be adjusting our cameras to give you the best views of the festival as it progresses.  If you can't be here, then you can beat the heat by sitting back and watching the festival unfold from the comfort of your own home.  If you're coming out, then you can see how thick the crowds are and plan accordingly.  As always, we'll still be focusing our west cam on the Westgate Bridge every so often so you can check the traffic. We'll be posting lots of pics of the festival, and hopefully a video or two.  We've got some helpful festival links on the right side of the page, including links to the official Bele Chere site (which is currently getting hammered, so it's kind of slow), and the official street guide and entertainment schedule.  There may also be a surprise or two in the offing, but shh... can't talk about that. Be sure to check back often to see what we've got in store for you today at! UPDATE: I've uploaded a large gallery of high resolution images captured this morning as the vendors were still setting up.  Check it out below.   [slidepress gallery='bele-chere-2011-setup']

Thoughts on Bele Chere

Bele Chere 2010Lately there has been talk of making some serious changes to the yearly Bele Chere festival that envelops downtown Asheville. Proposed changes include changing the dates of the festival and moving it to a different location. Bele Chere is always a big weekend for Asheville Live Cam, due to our location right in the middle of the action. Bele Chere 2010 was no exception. Every year brings a slightly different layout to the festival. This year it was centered more to the west side of our building (the BB&T building). I recall years where it was mostly centered around City-County Plaza and years when it even enveloped Wall Street. The constant, though, is that it is always in the heart of downtown, and that’s where it should stay. Make no mistake, this is not bias talking. Asheville Live Cam would probably benefit from the festival moving a little farther away, since our cameras can’t look straight down to the streets surrounding the building. Because of that, a lot of the action is missed. If it were a little further away, like around City-County Plaza or further west down Patton Ave towards the Westgate Bridge, we’d be able to get better views of the action. But to my mind, that’s not where the festival belongs. The heart of downtown Asheville is Pack Square, and that is where the festival should be centered. Changing the dates is a bit more controversial. It wouldn’t really affect this site, since we’ll provide the views regardless of the dates. However, it could significantly affect the festival itself. The main drawback about the current dates at the end of July is that it is just SO HOT! Moving the dates to a cooler period such as the Spring or Fall would make for a cooler and possibly more enjoyable time for festival-goers, but it could also seriously affect attendance. Bele Chere is currently the largest festival in the southeast. That could change if the dates are moved. From the Citizen-Times:
Others say that changing the season could impinge on other festivals that have staked out shoulder seasons, such as the Greek Festival in September. Also, keeping Bele Chere running depends in large part on volunteers, many of whom may not be able to donate labor outside summer months, said Byron Greiner, president of the Asheville Downtown Association.
Losing the volunteers would be bad, but this is the quote that my mind keeps coming back to:
Greiner, a former Bele Chere committee chairman, favors changes but says they can be risky.

Bele Chere 2010 Street Jugglers

The video below is one I caught while strolling around Bele Chere on Saturday evening. These guys were very entertaining. I didn’t catch their name, but they posted a response to the YouTube video and let me know they are “Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth”, which is an awesome name guys! You rocked!
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Here’s another short clip of them. I caught this just as I was walking up.
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Asheville Live Cam Welcomes Bele Chere 2010!

Getting Ready for Bele Chere 2010I took a little stroll around the block this morning and took some pictures and even a video of some of the many people out there getting ready for Bele Chere 2010. This year looks to be a great one for the festival and I can’t wait to get out there this evening after it really starts to get active. As for this site, you can expect us to be bringing you live views of the whole thing. We’ll be resetting the views on our cams to provide you with great shots of the action as it happens, so if you can’t be here for the festival, at least you’ll get to see some of it. I’ll also be out and about with my camera shooting some more pix and videos that I will be posting throughout the weekend. Below are some of the pix and a video that I shot this morning as people were getting ready.
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Bele Chere 2009 Wraps Up

Bele Chere 2009 - Asheville NC Well, another year of the Bele Chere Festival has come and gone. Tomorrow the cams will all be reset to their previous positions and Asheville can go about its business. It was a fun year for the festival, even if sales were a bit down. We’re looking forward to next year! On an administrative note, the site had some pretty good numbers over the weekend, but it seems the streaming server was struggling a bit with the load. We apologize for anyone that got the dreaded “failed to load” message, and we will strive to do better next year. Bele Chere is by far the busiest time if year for the site, with thousands of people from all over the world checking in to see the festival live.