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Video Exposes Dangerous Conditions at Exit 44 on I-40

North Carolina Department of Transportation

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This video was posted to our Facebook page and I thought it literally hit home as I have dealt with this horribly backed up intersection many times. Watching it, it is hard to believe how long the line is to get onto the exit. Then comes the hardest part to watch: several cars who have bypassed the line altogether, simply cut into the line right at the offramp. This would REALLY tick me off if I had been waiting in that interminably long line. This is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed, but as the author of the video points out, only NC-DOT can fix it.
Several accidents have occurred due to bad drivers and a poorly designed exit near where I and my family live. I want this fixed. The Asheville Police Department and Buncombe County Sheriff's Department have told me that only the NC Department of Transportation can resolve this matter.
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