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Asheville City Council candidates meet in Montford

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  1. Scott thank you very much for the shout out and keeping your word on disscsuing our topic in your blog. As we discussed tonight I believe Eli is on the cusp of eliteness I will now defend my opinion, whether I’m right or wrong who knows. Before I begin my defense I will say this, New England fans have had the fortune of having Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, don’t forget the Drew Bledsoe days. On to Eli, so many fans get caught up in numbers, I understand Eli threw 25 ints last year, as a Giants fan it was hard to watch. That is the specific stat that most people point too when analyzing Eli Manning, I try to point to the durability of Eli Manning who leads active QBs with 115 straight starts. As we’ve seen this season backup QBs aren’t necessarily the guys you want leading your team into the playoffs, just ask the Bears. I know for sure I don’t want to see David Carr running my teams offense and I’m sure no one else would either. I sure some of you who are reading this might think Brian Hoyer is more than capable because of what Matt Cassel did in 2008, but he also had a motivated Randy Moss to throw too. My point is Eli is out there every week, and he’s shown a ton of maturity and improvement from last season and number so far this season speak for themselves, 3705 passing yards (4th) 308 Yards per game (4th) and leads the league in completions over 40 yards with 13. Is he better than Brady, Brees, or Rodgers no but he’s definitely on the cusp.Scott thank you again for the mention, I look forward to your other topics.

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